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Free mini conference on the future
of leadership and transformation

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In three session we will explore why and how transformational leadership will be a key to leading future organisations.

Who is it for?

For leaders and anyone passionate about transforming the way we lead our organisations.

It's free, if you sign up before june 4

3 sessions
in 3 hours

Session 1: Becoming purpose-driven, the case of IMPACT Extend with Thomas Obelitz

Session 2: The role of personal leadership transformation in the future by Jakob Beck

Session 3: Panel debate on the challenges of new ways of working and how to lead transformation, moderated by Jakob Beck

How and when


It’s free, with 50 available seats for open sign-up. Please sign -up before June 4, to secure a free seat.

Time and location (in person)

June 17, 2021
From 14.00 - 17.00

Langelinie Pavillonen,
Langelinie 10, 2100 Copenhagen


Please remember to bring you covid-19 pass to be shown at the door.

Leadership panel

Berit Kuhr

Berit Kuhr

Berit leads the Investment and Finance area at Bankdata with 100 people across 4 departments. She has been part of Bankdata’s company-wide transformation from traditional to a fully agile organization.

Thomas Obelitz

Thomas Obelitz

Thomas leads IMPACT
Extend, a digital marketing bureau with 3x growth and 35 employees (mid 2021). Over 1,5 year Extend has developed a deep focus on purpose-driven structures and culture. In this process Thomas has also practiced transformational

Rikke Helbo Kjær

Rikke Helbo Kjær

Rikke is a Human Resources Professional and leader in eSteering – a unique self-managing and agile unit inside the larger Danfoss corporation. She has played a key role in eSteering’s transformative journey which is now in its fourth year.

Jonas Nygreen

Jonas Nygreen

Jonas is a co-owner of Abzu, a self-organising AI tech company. A curious example from Abzu is that each employee are responsible for part of the budget. Previously, Jonas worked with strategy as a


Jakob has been working with business and personal transformation for over 12 years supporting leaders from both Fortune 500s, SMEs and scale-ups. His experience range from coaching to consulting on operational governance and facilitation of large scale culture transformations.

Serving clients both in the US and Europe Jakob facilitates breakthrough performance by helping each leader move through fear, foster honest conversations and build commitment, accountability and choice.

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